From Passion To Profit

It’s the only way that makes sense.

Think about the life-goals you could achieve if, with the support of committed mentors, you could focus on what you really feel like doing for the rest of your life. Imagine what would happen if you could finally use your education, your knowledge and experience, for something that actually matters to you. Maybe you already have a job, coming complete with long hours and good money. Perhaps you don’t really like it, and sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to get up in the morning, but your parents are proud and your friends envy you for what you can buy.

You envy them for what they can live. Think about how much energy you waste hiding who you are, pretending you are the person your boss wants you to be, and being true to yourself only on your days off. Motivation solely based on greed is hard to sustain… And as a client, would you really trust someone who leads a double life?

So, if you free to make your own selection on what your purpose in life would be how would you describe it in a nutshell?

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