This program will take you through the same essential process as the new participants at the start of mnm core programs. Defining what you want is the first step to get it. It may seem obvious but we know by experience that rare are the people regularly taking the time to rediscover themselves. Questioning your current lifestyle to check if it is line with your values and aspirations is crucial for your balance as sustainable happiness can only happen if you are true to yourself.

Inspiring talks and reflection activities will lead you to create a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle and the possible ways to make it a reality. The “Rainbow Map” will make your personal and professional priorities stand out and will assist you in setting your action plan. And because life is what happens when you are busy making plans, you will leave with a sensible strategy to put in place straight away to take immediate action.


The importance of developing a solid brand is often underestimated, whether it be to promote yourself and enhance your career perspectives, or to build the identity of the business you are starting. Your brand should clearly communicate your values, your passions and your vision. It should be an accurate representation of who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

During this program, you will get the opportunity to test your ideas on the group and check if they express the message you had mind. Direct feedback and advice from the mentors will inspire you to rethink your communication strategies and the way you introduce yourself to maximise your chances to get noticed. By the end of this program, you will have developed a brand you will be proud of, and eager to defend. Standing up for what you believe in will be your competitive advantage.


Your professional vision has reached its cruising speed. You have picture of what you have to offer and the big idea has reached brand status. You are tempted to rest on your laurels. Bad news: it is probably not the right thing to do. Luckily, we are here to help you maintain the momentum and keep your idea growing. You might be satisfied with the current state of things, but planning your next move is crucial.

During this program we will invite you to assess the current situation of your business canvas and reflect on where you want to take it next. Do you still have the same aspirations? Have your strengths and weaknesses evolved? We will suggest ways to identify opportunities to make the most of your current situation, and create the best conditions for your venture to improve with age.


Get ready for pitching and seize every opportunity to promote your brand

If you are a regular of startup events, you are very likely to be familiar with the concept of elevator pitch. If you met the person who could change your life right now, would you know what to say to convince? And do you manage to get more out of networking sessions than a pile of business cards? Do you have the right attitude to establish a real connection with the people you meet and identify how you can help each other?

This hands-on program is built around practical exercises. You will get to try immediately the techniques presented to make your pitch more striking or get noticed at a speed networking. We will give you tips to remember key details about the new people you meet, and the right questions to ask.