Work life balance… The ultimate dream. Or is it? Why would work be opposed to life, as if you had to suffer to make a living, as if blurring the line between working and playing wasn’t even an option?We all have ideas others find crazy. These things we want to achieve and don’t even dare to talk about. Because we are dreaming too big. Because it is foolish not to choose the “easy” option, the 9 to 5 lifestyle, the so-called safety.


But does being reasonable really pay off? A collection of degrees, from bachelor to master, isn’t a guarantee to get a lifelong job anymore. Learning how to market yourself and make your passion your competitive advantage, however, will allow you to get by come hell or high water. Taking a leap of faith and giving your childhood dream a try will be more rewarding than persuading yourself it cannot come true.

Think about the life-goals you could achieve if you invested only the third of the money you are ready to spend on your education in what you really feel like doing for the rest of your life. Maybe you already have a job, coming complete with long hours and good money. Maybe you don’t really like it, and sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to get up in the morning, but your parents are proud and your friends envy you for what you can buy. You envy them for what they can live. Think about how much energy you waste hiding who you are, pretending you are the person your boss wants you to be, and being true to yourself only on your days off. Motivation solely based on greed is hard to sustain… And as a client, would you really trust someone who leads a double life?


mnm’s approach is focused on the candidates, their passions, their obsessions, the absorbing hobby becoming a vocation and a life purpose. We don’t teach participants how they should live their life, we coach them to identify their desired lifestyle and find opportunities to convert, we encourage them to do things, make mistakes and fix them. Because we don’t all want the same things, because we don’t all give the same importance to money or family, we shouldn’t have to work towards the same goals just to please a teacher.

mnm’s programme aims at making you rediscover yourself and reinvent your life. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, your values and your priorities, the places where you want to be and the people you want to see, you know what you can bring to the world that you do better than anyone else. Then all you have to do is to show to your potential clients how your dedication to your passion responds to their needs.

We know our competitors, and their promises to get you jobready. We are not in control of the labour market. We prefer to give you the tools to be lifeready, or rather lifeproof. You are never going to be 100% ready for change, and it is precisely why you should make it happen now. Fortune favours the brave.